The best recipe for fried eggs with fried chorizo

The best recipe for fried eggs with fried chorizo

Spain has an incredible gastronomy that nothing has to envy to that of other countries like France or Italy. Although the Mediterranean diet is widespread throughout the country, the great extent of Spain along with the richness and variety of native products of each region makes recipes such as broken eggs with fried chorizo are created. While it is true that the Spanish cuisine is known for silver dishes such as paella, ham, gazpacho, potato omelette and madrileto stew, among others. When tourists visit our country, they see that Spanish food is much more there and broken eggs are proof of that.

The best recipe for fried eggs with fried chorizo

There are many recipes for broken eggs: with ham, blood sausage, gulas, with prawns. Today we are going to present you the one of the broken eggs with fried chorizo, based on the original recipe of the Great José Andrés, possibly the best ambassador of the Spanish food that we have in the United States. This is a recipe that I discovered a long time ago and that whenever I have a chance, I mark a tribute and cook it for my friends or family.

  • Ingredients:

– 6 potatoes

– 1 fried chorizo

– 4 fried eggs

– 2 garlic

– 1 chili pepper

– extra virgin olive oil

– Salt

– sunflower oil

  • Elaboration:

We start by washing and peeling the potatoes and cutting them in bakery style, about 4 millimeters thick. In a large skillet, we put the sunflower oil and put them to fry. We can put plenty of oil and fry them quickly, or we can put less oil and fry them slowly. Personally, I recommend the second option, we do not enjoy just eating, also preparing food. We put less oil and introduce the potatoes when it is hot (not boiling). We also add two whole garlic crushed with the leaf of a knife, without peeling and a whole chili pepper.

A tip to fry the potatoes that will be very useful is to wash the potatoes after cutting them. In this way you will remove the starch and they will not stick when cold.

When the potatoes are almost “fried” but without becoming soft, we will remove all the oil from the pan and add the fried chorizo cut into pieces. With the fire to a minimum, we will let the chorizo cook slowly and integrate with the potatoes. Many people are dispensing with chorizo because it contains too much fat. For those who do not want the dish to be very fatty, we advise you to put the whole fried chorizo in a pot with boiling water with small incisions all over its surface. After 2-3 minutes, the chorizo will have sweated most of the fat, we take it out of the pot and crush it with a spatula so that all the fat comes out. Then we dry it with a paper towel.

We reserve the potatoes and the chorizo of frying over minimal heat

Frying an egg is something that everyone knows how to do, but we are going to present a way that you probably did not know. we take a pan from us more than one inch in diameter and put plenty of oil. When the oil is very hot, we tilt the pan, so that the side that is closest to the fire has more oil and add the egg. With this procedure we make the pan deeper and that the egg is completely covered by olive oil. On the other hand, we will also get the egg to have the shape of a sphere and that the yolk is surrounded by the white and is in the center of the sphere. It is an easy trick to fry an egg that will make it have completely liquid yolk.

  • Dish presentation:

We present the dish, removing the chilli pepper and the two garlic from the potatoes with fried chorizo for frying and placing 2 fried eggs in each period.

One thing that is not optional is that you have to eat this dish with bread if or if.

In Gastronomic Spain you can find a delicious chorizo, both sweet and spicy. Buying Spanish food online is a good option to eat like in Spain anywhere in Europe. I also recommend making this dish with ham or Burgos or Onion sausage, the procedure is the same, you just have to replace the frying sausage with the other meats.

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