Where to buy Spanish food. Comparison GastronomicSpain.com – Jamon.de

Where to buy Spanish food. Comparison GastronomicSpain.com – Jamon.de

How many times have you wanted to make a purchase of a product that you fancy a lot but in the end you doubt the reliability of the online store? On this occasion we will compare the two main online Spanish food stores in Germany. GastronomicSpain.com and Jamon.de. When you finish this comparison you will see the reasons why today it is worth buying your Spanish food products at GastronomicSpain.com instead of Jamon.de.

We are going to compare the main aspects that an online customer values when evaluating making a purchase:

  • Price:

One of the determining aspects when making an online purchase is the price. The advantage of shopping online is that it allows you to compare several stores at the same time. In this regard, GastronomicSpain.com offers better prices than Jamon.de, which is due, among other things, to GastronomicSpain.com being in Spain, where the acquisition costs are much lower than in Germany.

  • Variety:

Buying the 2 online stores, Gastronomic Spain has a greater variety of products, reaching more than 800 Spanish foods. While Jamon .de only has much less, both in different and similar products differentiating several qualities.

  • Free shipping:

One of the aspects that the customer values most is that they send it to you for FREE, in this case the two stores send it Free for orders over € 75, the difference is that Gastronomic Spain also sends it FREE to Austria and Switzerland and the rest of the European Union, while ham.de, NO.

  • Customer Support:

The two stores give the possibility to contact by phone and email, while GastronomicSpain.com goes one step further and offers an instant chat service with which it resolves customers’ doubts at the moment. The current customers of GastronomicSpain.com also have access to a whatsapp of their commercial to solve the questions and doubts they have about their order

  • Product quality:

The two companies offer adequate and quality products

  • Reliability:

Reliability is one of the most important aspects, because if you do not trust the store you will not make the purchase, no matter how attractive you are. Both GastronomicSpain.com and Jamon.de use an external valuation system, called Trustedshop. It is one of its most valued valuation systems, as only customers who have made a purchase say. Both companies have very good ratings from their customers

  • Languages:

Gastronomic Spain offers 4 languages (German, Spanish, French and English), also thinking of the official languages of Switzerland and the rest of the European Union. While Jamon.de is only in German

  • Image of the online store:

The image of the 2 stores is neat and clean, although GastronomicSpain.com makes more variations depending on the offers and promotions it has at all times

  • Navigability:

The two online stores have good navigability, are optimized for mobile and tablet. However, GastronomicSpain.com has a faster browsing speed without waiting on both mobile and computer

  • Delivery Service:

GastronomicSpain gives you the option to pick up both at your home and at a collection point near your home.

COMPARISON GastronomicSpain.com – Jamon.de

comparison jamon.de Gastronomicspain.com-en

After seeing this comparison, we can say that it is better to buy at GastronomicSpain.com , the variety, the price and the customer service are determining aspects that make it the right page to make the purchase.

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