Spanish legumes, hot and convincing spoon dishes

Spanish legumes, hot and convincing spoon dishes

I have already talked about Legumes before, but cold days bring to mind, at least to me, these prepared dishes that, in addition to the many properties that Legumes have, provide us with calories and tone us when the body needs a contribution of special energy and all accompanied by very special flavors,

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First of all I am going to refer to beans or white beans with chorizo. Like all legumes, if they want to prepare from the dry product, they must be soaked 12 to 24 hours before in plenty of water.

There are numerous recipes to prepare these Legumes, but increasingly, the dynamics of current life and why not say, comfort, is enhancing the purchase of this dish already prepared, so that it is only necessary to heat it to be able to taste some recipes backed by a long tradition, and I say recipes because there are many formulas for their preparation and that even with many elements in common, they have a different and particular final result. Among the most prestigious recipes are, without a doubt, the fabada, which in addition to using a different Legume, “Fabas or Fabes”, also have a special recipe.

Another of the well-known vegetable dishes are chickpeas. As in the case of all Legumes, if you want to prepare the dish from natural or dried chickpea, it is necessary to soak them but in this case with a handful of salt, since if salt is not added, it is not put tender.

As in the previous case, more and more people choose to buy the cooked chickpeas and consume them simply by heating them. The two best known types of chickpea dish commonly consumed are “chickpea stew” and “cooked”. These two recipes, very different from each other, both enjoy great acceptance among consumers and, especially cooking, a very important energy value to help fight the cold, which does not mean that, due to the great acceptance it has, people just consume it only during the cold times of the year.

Finally, among the legumes usually consumed are lentils, these of two types, flat lentil or pardina lentil and as the previous ones it is necessary to soak if you want to cook from the dry product. The most common recipe for this Legume is Lentils with Chorizo, and to which when it is made homemade it is usually added some potato. Like the previous ones, people are also inclined to buy it, more and more, already cooked.

It should be noted that all these Legumes can also be purchased already cooked but without any additional preparation, so that they can prepare with them the recipes that each one prefers and with their personal touch.

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