Serrano ham – popular and delicious recipes that everyone likes

The truth is that the possibilities of preparing recipes, simple and in which the star component is The Serrano ham are immense, and I will continue to recommend some of them, all very simple.

Among the simplest things that can be prepared with Serrano ham are toasts with Serrano ham and cheese.

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For this, some slices of bread are cut, of the thickness that each one prefers, although it is better not too thick, it is covered with one or two slices of Ham according to the size of one and the other, and it is also covered with slices of cheese, then introduced into the oven to melt the cheese and lightly toast the bread.

This simple recipe allows you to taste Serrano Ham in another way and even with important variants depending on the type of cheese used, since it is not the same to use a few brackets than a cured cheese.

Another recipe made with Ham, simple and very tasty are “the broken eggs with Cured Ham”.

To prepare this recipe, previously sliced potatoes of about 3 mm are fried. thick, in a pan with plenty of oil and over low heat. Slices of ham are cut and chopped into pieces of about 2×2 cm. and subsequently fry one or two eggs per person, according to taste, in olive oil.

To place each serving, a quantity of fried potatoes is placed on the plate, chopped ham is poured on them and fried eggs are laid on top of it. To consume it, chop and stir the whole, mixing it well. The result is extraordinary and sure that if you try this recipe you will include it among your usual ways of consuming Serrano Ham.

Finally, today I wanted to collect here another very traditional way of consuming Serrano Ham in our country for a long time, especially in LUNCHES, but with capital letters, of those that we now eat a few times, most of them when we travel by our traditional mountain villages and almost better with cool temperatures, since it is a blunt dish.

I am referring to the dish consisting of two fried eggs, in abundant extra virgin olive oil and with their corresponding “tiptoe” not like those that are half cooked on the plate, and accompanied with a couple of slices of Serrano Ham that may be raw or passed through the pan, which is also delicious.

To make Serrano Ham passed through the pan, it is appropriate to cut some slices of Serrano Ham not too cured, even a little tender, since if it is a very cured Ham, it is usually salted after frying. These slices are then taken and passed a little, through the pan in which a few drops of oil have been poured nothing more and it is not convenient to have it more than 15 or 20 seconds on each side.

For consumers in central and northern Europe, more accustomed to the consumption of bacon, bacon or cooked ham, try these recipes, I am sure it will make them reconsider their scale in what is really good.

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