Cooked Thistle

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Winter vegetable to warm on cold days.

The Thistle is naturally cooked and comes from the Rioja region. The pleasant, slightly bitter taste makes the thistel ideal to combine with sauces based on almonds or pine nuts.

2 - 3 portions
720 gr.
400 gr. net

The Thistle goes directly from the orchard of the Rioja region to the glass. It is a winter vegetable, very versatile and with a great, slightly bitter taste.

Our Thistle is naturally cooked, without colourings or preservatives added. It is carefully prepared using manufacture methods and it has the perfect cooking point. Our Thistle comes in pieces of 4 - 5 cm and it is ready to eat.

The Cooked Thistle, because of its slightly bitter taste, combines very well with creamy sauces based on almonds or pine nuts. Besides it is very nice together with prawns or mussels or as salad.

2 - 3 portions
720 gr.
400 gr. net

  • Ingredients: thistle, water, salt, lemon
  • Allergens: According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.

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