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Typical foods of Aragon such as the famous lamb from Aragon, the homemade Aragonese migas, Pig's Ear, Pig's nose, Preserves, pickled quail, pickled partridges and much more. Typical dishes of Aragon impossible to find outside of Spain.

Potted Mix Of Pork

Price €7.63
290 gr

Orza Ribs

Price €3.72
280 gr

Homemade Crumbs

Price €2.99
275 gr.

Mashed Potatoes With Cod

Price €4.63
225 g.

Cooked Thistle

Price €2.72
720 gr


Price €2.81
660 gr


Price €2.00
660 gr

Orza Longaniza

Price €4.99
225 gr.

Orza Loin Vacuum Packed

Price €7.26
215 gr.

Cooked Ear

Price €5.81
500 gr.

Cooked Morro

Price €5.63
500 gr.

Chicken With Chilindrón (sauce)

Price €2.08
52 gr.