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The Condensed Milk La Lechera is ideal to sweeten your coffee or your deserts. Add some to a black coffee and enjoy your "café bombon".

170 grs.
La Lechera

The Condensed Milk La Lechera, the original one, is ideal to sweeten coffees and deserts. The dense and thick sweet milk is just delicious.

Our Condensed Milk La Lechera is made with fresh milk from Galicia and sugar. The Condensed Milk Benestare has the typical ivory white colour and it is creamy and thick. The sweet taste is perfect for the elaboration of deserts. Our Condensed Milk does not contain any colourings or preservatives.

Enjoy a good Spanish "Café Bombon", a strong black coffee with condensed milk, or prepare tasty deserts with our Condensed Milk.

170 grs.
La Lechera

  • Ingredients: milk, sugar
  • Allergens: contains lactose

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