Catalan Cream

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With our powder for Catalan Creme you can prepare easily homemade desserts. The Catalan Creme can be served with a caramel coat.

8 portions
120 gr.

With our mix for Catalan Cream you can prepare easily your tasty, homemade desert. The Catalan Cream is one of the most popular desert in Spain.

Enjoy a good homemade desert with our mix for Catalan Cream. To serve it as it is served in Spain, add a caramel coat.

8 portions
120 gr.

Preparation mode:
1. heat 750 ml of milk, separate one cup of tempered milk and dissolve the content of one envelope
2. when the rest of the milk is about to boil put it on low flame and add the mix, move well until it thickens
3. pour the mix into the bowls you are going to serve the catalan cream
4. let it cool down until it gets the firm consistence
5. serve it with a caramel coat: pour one table spoon of sugar over one portion of cream, burn it with a blowtorch until it gets the brown, caramel colour

  • Ingredients: sugar, corn starch, salt, aromas, colourings (E-100, E-160b)
  • Allergens: can contain wheat, eggs, milk

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