Aniseed Flatbreads

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How many?

Sweet, crunchy and thin, impossible to just have one.

Our crispy aniseed flatbreads are a traditional Spanish sweet. While preserving the simplicity they transform into a delicacy you can't miss. They are easy to enjoy just as they are or try out combining them with creams or elaborated desserts.

180 gr
6 pcs. á 30 gr

The crunchy aniseed flatbreads, called "tortas de aceite" are a very popular and versatile sweet.

Our flatbreads are manufactured acording to the traditional recepie, with extra virgin olive oil and aniseed as key ingredients.

Enjoy the aniseed flatbreads the easy way: alone, dipped in hot chocolate, or going alonge with creams and ice creams. And if you love to cook as the crispy part of an elaborated dessert.

180 gr
6 pcs. á 30 gr.
vacuum packed

  • Ingredients: wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, sugar, aniseed, sesame, yeast, sea salt, natural aniseed essenz
  • Allergens: contains gluten, sesame, can contain trails of nuts (almonds)

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