Pig's Feet in Sauce

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The Pig's Feet in Sauce are a tasty and traditional dish. The feet are tender and the sauce, made with tomatoes, adds the special flavor. 

2 portions
425 gr.

The Pig's Feet in Sauce are a traditionally made delicacy. The feet are tender and they go perfectly with the sauce. This dish is very popular in the Spanish gastronomy.

Our Pig's Feet in Sauce are made with the best meat. The feet are well cooked and tender and harmonize with the tomato based sauce.

Enjoy the Pig's Feet in Sauce as tapa or as main course. The great taste of the pig's feet together with the rich sauce is a delicacy you can't miss.

2 portions
350 gr.

  • Ingredients: pig’s feet, water, tomato, onion, olive oil, white wine, brandy, cayenne (pimenton), garlic, salt, starch, jelly, spices, flavor enhancer (E-621), preservative (E-202)
  • Allergens: contains gluten

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