Meat and Sausages for Fabada

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The meat and sausages for Fabada Beenstews consist in a piece of bacon, a chorizo sausage and a black pudding. These selected meat and sausages are the ideal base for a rich and tasty stew.

200 gr
vacum packed
The selection of meats and sausages for Fabada Beenstew is of best quality. The pack consists in a piece of bacon, a chorizo sausage and a black pudding.

Our Meats and Sausages for Fabada are made with high quality meat. The chorizo sausage has the characteristic taste and redish colour. The black pudding with onion is tender and tasty and the big piece of bacon brings taste to any dish.

Prepare at home a real Asturian Fabada Beenstew with our selected meat and sausages. Besides the selection is perfect to prepar any stew.

200 gr
vacum packed
  • Ingredients: Chorizo: lean pork meat, beef, bacon, cayenne, salt, garlic, sugar, soy protein, stabilizer (E-450i), dextrine, antioxidant (E-301), preservative (E-250, E-252), natural smoke, natural casing Black Pudding: bacon, onion, blood, cayenne, soy protein, salt, oregano, natural smoke, natural casing Bacon: bacon, salt, sugar, prservatives (E-250, E-252)
  • Allergens: Contains soy and or derivates

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