Catalonian Soup with Meatballs

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A great dish. The secret, made with a lot of heart and love.

The traditional soup with meatballs from Catolonia is called "Escudella amb Pilota". It is a hardly known traditional dish that is worth discovering.

3 - 4 portions
900 ml soup, 90 gr meatballs

The soup with meatballs comes from the heart of Catalonia. This speciality is called "Escudella amb Pilota" and it is a hardly known delicacy and it is worth discovering it.

The broth is slowly cooked, respecting the tradition. It is only made out of natural ingredients without colourings and preservatives added, ensuring that great taste.

The Catalonian soup with meatballs is perfect just as it is, if you like you can add some pasta or rice to thiken it up.

The soup and the meatballs are suitable for celiac.

3 - 4 portions
900 ml soup, 90 gr meatballs

  • Ingredients: broth: water, pork bone, beef bone, potato, onion, carrots, chicken, celery, kale, salt, tapioca stach, chicken stock meatballs: pork, beef, water, potato stach, soy proteins and derivatives, plant fibres, salt, spices, garlic, parsley, pea stach, dextrose
  • Allergens: broth and meatballs: contains soy and/or derivatives, celery and/or derivatives

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