Black Beans with Oxtail

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Like before, prepared naturally, with love, all the taste of the south of Spain in one dish.

The black Beans with Oxtail are a typical stew from Andalusia. The soft taste of the legumes and the succulent taste of the meat are turning this traditional recipe into a real delight.

2 portions
Jar, 720 gr

Our black Beans with Oxtail, called Alubias negras con Rabo de Toro, are a traditional delicacy from Andalusia. In this stew the soft taste of the legumes and the characteristic taste of the meat melt into a perfect harmony. Oxtail is commonly consumed and very popular in Spain because of its great taste and the tender and low fat meat.

The black Beans with Oxtail are handmade, following the traditional recipe. This dish unites perfectly the high quality of the black beans from the Navarra region and the great Andalusian taste of the Oxtail. The beans as well as the Oxtail are perfectly cooked. The beans stay al dente and the meat is tender and soft. This stew is 100% natural, without colouring or preservatives added.

Enjoy easily and fast our black Beans with Oxtail. You just have to warm this craft stew and you have a tasty and traditional meal.

2 portions
Jar, 720 gr

  • Ingredients: black beans, water, oxtail, chorizo, olive oil, spices, salt
  • Allergens: contains lactose

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