Sweet White Vermouth Yzaguirre

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The Sweet White Vermouth Yzaguirre is the perfect appetizer and it will give taste to your cocktails. This fresh, traditional and yet modern drink is going to persuade you with its intense and sweet taste.

75 cl.
15% vol

The Sweet White Vermouth Yzaguirre is a traditional and yet modern appetizer. Its personality and its great fresh, balanced and sweet taste convert it into an exceptional drink.

Our Sweet White Vermouth Yzaguirre has a pale yellow colour. The sweet floral aromas, the smell of wild plants and the notes of critics and vanilla stand out in nose. The sweet white Vermouth has an intense, full bodied tasted and it is fresh on the tongue with a perfect balance between acid and sweet.

The Sweet White Vermouth Yzaguirre is the perfect appetizer. Together with some snacks and with an olive or a lemon slice it is a real blast. Enjoy our sweet white Vermouth also as a combined or as a cocktail.

75 cl. 
15% vol.

  • Ingredients: sweet white vermouth
  • Allergens: contains sulphites

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