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Ecological Sobrasada from Majorca

150 g.

Buy bio sobrasada from Majorca

Buy bio sobrasada from Majorca, a top quality sobrasada, excellent flavour and from organic production.

Our sobrasada from Majorca will surprise more than one palate. So, try our excellent organic Majorcan sobrasada and enjoy the good Spanish food of agricultural origin.

Buy Ecological sobrasada from Mallorca online

Buy Sobrasada de Mallorca Bio, a top quality sobrasada, excellent flavor and organically produced. Ecological sobrasada, like other Spanish products, is very difficult to find outside of Spain. With Gastronomic Spain you can buy organic Sobrasada de Mallorca online and enjoy it anywhere in Europe, with FREE shipping, check conditions.

Surely you have already realized that it is almost impossible to find sobrasada outside of Spain and if we talk about buying organic sobrasada the issue becomes more complicated. Gastronomic Spain offers you a wide variety of Mallorcan sobrasadas in different formats and flavors.

Our sobrasada from Mallorca will surprise more than one palate. So, try our excellent organic Mallorcan sobrasada and enjoy good Spanish food of agricultural origin.

Characteristics of the Ecological Sobrasada de Mallorca

The organic Sobrasada de Mallorca is an excellent product. The company El Zagal has joined the trend of creating healthier products, controlling from the origin the feeding of the pig and the added ingredients to obtain a Mallorcan sobrasada with an ecological certificate.

  • Ingredients:

All the ingredients that make up this organic sobrasada are certified organic. From spices and additives to the pork itself, which certifies that the pastures and feed on which it has been fed are organic

Bacon * and lean * pork, paprika, salt, fructose, black pepper *, natural aroma, antioxidant: extract rich in tocopherols. * From organic farming

  • Organic Sobrasada flavor:

The flavor, texture and aroma of this product is identical to that of the Sobrasada from Mallorca PGI. Although it is true, it is a selected product due to the food and organic products that make it up. It is a more beneficial product for our bodies. It is characterized by its dark red color due to organic paprika and natural curing. It is a sweet sobrasada, since it is used sweet paprika, creamy and buttery texture.

Benefits of organic sobrasada from Mallorca

There are many benefits obtained from organic food, in the case of organic sobrasada we can identify the following:

  • It is a natural product and has more nutritional values
  • Compared to traditional livestock, it reduces the pollution of the surroundings.
  • Promotes sustainable development
  • It improves the conditions of the pigs that are used in its elaboration.

The organic sobrasada or Bio sobrasada like the traditional sobrasada is a fatty food, it has many calories due to its high fat content. Buying this organic sobrasada does not mean that it is lighter, but rather certifies that the origin of the ingredients that make it up is more natural and is more beneficial than consuming the traditional Majorcan sobrasada.

* From organic farming

150 g. net weight

Packaging in protective atmosphere

The Zagal


Data sheet

150 g.
Bacon* and lean pork*, paprika, salt, fructose, black pepper*, natural aroma, antioxidant: extract rich in tocopherols. *From organic farming
Without gluten. Without lactose.
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plastic tray termo shield
net weight
El Zagal

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