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The mini fuet Salami is a typical Catalonian charcuterie piece. It is thin salami with a characteristic white film. The mini fuet Salami is popular for its nice taste with a touch of pepper.

one pice
aprox. 100 gr.

The mini fuet Salami is an emblematic charcuterie product from Catalonia. It is very popular because of its nice taste with a touch of pepper. The mini fuet Salami is thin and it has a white film because of the air drying in a humid and warm place.

Our mini fuet Salami is made traditionally with pork meat. Outside the salami is mainly white and inside it has a dark red colour with small white dots. The mini fuet Salami has the characteristic and rich taste of the traditional Catalonian Fuet Salamis.

Enjoy our mini fuet Salami as snack or appetizer.

one piece
aprox. 100 gr.

  • Ingredients: shoulder ham, lean and pork belly, fresh sausage (lean pork, salt, antioxidant (sodium sulfite) and selected lactobacillus autochthonous strains of vic), lactose, salt, spices, antioxidant (sodium erythorbate), conservative (E-250, E-252), natural casing
  • Allergens: lactose

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