Vegetables Paella

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The Vegetables Paella unites perfectly the knowhow and the fresh and native ingredients from Valenica. Enjoy a tasty, like homemade dish the easy and fast way.

2 portions
rice: 150 gr 
broth and vegetables: 850 gr.
Our Vegetables Paella is made with the best native ingredients from Valencia. The knowhow and the great quality of the vegetables turn this dish into a real delight.

The Vegetables Paella is made with innovative methods while keeping the spirit of the traditional recipe alive. There are only used the best ingredients like artichokes, green beans, baby beans, garrofon beans, garlic shoots and cauliflower. The rice, with D.O. Valencia, absorbs all the taste and stays loose due to the characteristics of the variety. Our Vegetables  Paella is a 100% natural product, without colourings and preservatives added.

Enjoy this great dish easily and fast at home. In about 20 minutes you have the Vegetables Paella ready and you can savour it to the maximum.

1. pour the content of the can (broth and vegetables) in a paella frying pan or in a wide frying pan and put it on medium heat
2. when the broth starts boiling add the rice and distribute it all over the pan
3. keep it slowly cooking about 18 min.
4. when there is no liquid left, the rice is done; we recommend to leave it resting between 3 - 5 min. before serving.

2 portions
Cardboard Box
150 gr sack of rice
840 gr can with broth and vegetables

The Vegetables Paella is suitable for celiac and vegan.
  • Ingredients: Broth (water, artichoke, chard, cauliflower, green beans, onion, garlic, virgin olive oil, tomato, sweet red pepper, saffron extract, salt), artichoke, green beans, lima beans, cauliflower, baby fava beans, garlic shoots, rice
  • Allergens: According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.

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