Oven Paella

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The Oven Paella is traditionaly made with the best meat and vegetables from Valencia. Enjoy the original taste of this popular meal.

2 portions
rice: 150 gr. 
broth, meat and vegetables: 830 gr.
Our traditional Oven Paella, called Arroz al Horno, is popular all over Spain. The Paella has a long tradition in the Spanish cuisine and this special one is made with the best meat and vegetables.

The Oven Paella is traditionally made with the best ingredients like pork ribs, bacon and black pudding besides chickpeas, potato, cherry tomatoes and rice with D.O. Valencia. The ingredients come from the "huerta", a rural zone in Valencia where vegetables are grown, and they are treated with utmost care. The result is a tasty dish, made with love, with tender meat and the vegetables al dente. The rice, because of the characteristics of the variety, absorbs all the taste and stays loose without overcooking. Our Oven Paella is 100% natural, without colouring or preservatives added.

Enjoy the authentic Oven Paella wherever you are. In about 25 minutes you have a great, tasty and traditional meal ready.

1. pour the content of the can (broth, meat and vegetables) in a crockpot or in a casserol and put it on medium heat
2. when the broth starts boiling add the rice and distribute it all over the recepie
3. put it inside the pre-heated oven (220 degrees) for about 25 min.
4. when there is no liquid left, the rice is done; we recommend to leave it resting between 3 - 5 min. before serving.

2 portions
Cardboard Box
150 gr box with rice
830 gr can with broth, meat and vegetables

Our Oven Paella is suitable for celiac.
  • Ingredients: Water, pork ribs and bacon, black pudding, chickpeas, potato, cherry tomatoes, garlic, virgin olive oil, tomato, sweet red pepper, saffron extract, rosemary, salt, rice
  • Allergens: According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no alergens are contained.

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