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The Legumes Mix is a pack that consists in white beans, lentils and chickpeas. Every one of them is naturally cooked and the perfect base for healthy and tasty meals.

White Beans: 720 gr.
Lentils: 720 gr.
Chickpeas: 720 gr.

Our Legumes Mix is a pack that brings variety to your kitchen. It consists in white beans, lentil and chickpeas.

The legumes for the pack are selected under strict quality controls and only the best are used. All the legumes are naturally cooked, without colourings or preservatives added. Every one of them has the perfect cooking point, they maintain a firm texture outside and inside they are soft and creamy.

With our Legumes Mix you eat different every day. Enjoy cooking and eating your home cooked healthy, easy and fast made meals. You can use the legumes for a wide range of recipes like stews, soups or cold dishes like salads.

Pack 3 units
1 unit lentils cooked, jar 720 gr.
1 unit chickpeas cooked, jar 720 gr.
1 unit white beans cooked, jar 720 gr.

  • Ingredients: lentils pardina variety, lechoso chickpeas, white manteca beans
  • Allergens: According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.

Pack content

  • 2,45 €

    Tasty ingredients, thick stews, everything much better with white beans. Our white beans extra are of high quality. They are naturally cooked and ready to serve. Prepare your favourite stews with them. 2 portions720 gr.jar

    2,45 €
  • 2,45 €

    Not having time for cooking doesn’t mean to have a bad nutrition. The Cooked Lentils are from the pardine variety and they are ideal for soups and stews. Because they are already cooked you can enjoy easily a home cooked meal. 2 - 3 portions720 gr.jar

    2,45 €
  • 2,45 €

    Tasty and soft chickpeas for the best dishes.The Chickpeas Extra are naturally cooked and they are a craft product ready to eat. Enjoy one of the most important ingredients of the traditional Spanish kitchen, the soft and tasty chickpeas, the way you like them best.aprox. 2 portions720 gr.jar

    2,45 €
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