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Iberian Shoulder of Cebo

5.5 kg
In Stock

Buy the Iberian Shoulder of Cebo, you will love it!

The Iberian Shoulder of Cebo is in fashion. It is a Spanish product that people love to give as a gift. It has a cheaper price than the Iberian Ham of Cebo since it has more loss due to the type of bones it has and, also, the Iberian Shoulder weighs less than the Iberian ham. This shoulder has a minimum aging of 12 months and an exceptional flavour.

Gastronomic Spain is your store for Iberian hams and shoulders. If this Iberian Shoulder of Cebo does not suit what you are looking for, you can check out our catalogue right here.

An ideal Spanish product for Christmas, parties and business gifts. Cutting the ham from this Iberian Shoulder is a true art. You just have to take onto account the ham bones when the time comes.

5.5 kilograms, net weight (approx.)

Iberian Shoulder of Cebo (whole leg)

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Data sheet

5.5 kg
According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no alergens contained.
taric code
black cloth sack
net weight
5.000 gr

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Iberian Shoulder of Cebo