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The elegance of simple things.

The Vichyssoise is a mild, thick vegetables soup that is eaten cold. Enjoy this cold soup with an excellent taste of the leek and potatoes

2 portions
500 ml.

The Vichyssoise, a thick vegetables soup, has a mild and fine taste of leek and potatoes. This soup is usually eaten cold and it is very popular because of its balance and creaminess.

Our Vichyssoise is a 100% natural product, without colourings or preservatives added. It is mainly made with leek, onion potatoes, chicken stock and milk. The soup is well bound and it has a yellow-white colour and a fine and creamy texture. The great taste of leek and potato together with the milk make this soup a real delicacy.

The Vichyssoise usually is eaten cold, but you can also warm it if you like. It is a perfect starter for any menu and it fits well in winter, because of the ingredients, and also in summer, because it is cold and refreshing.

2 portions
500 ml

  • Ingredients: broth from birds, milk, potato, leek, celery, butter, condiments, salt
  • Allergens: contains lactose, celery and/or derivatives

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