Mix for Tortilla with Chorizo

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Give your Tortilla a flip.

The Mix for Tortilla with Chorizo has everything you need to prepare a perfect Spanish Tortilla. The Tortilla with Chorizo is easy to prepare and just tasty.

340 gr.

The Mix for Tortilla with Chorizo is the easiest way to prepare a tasty Spanish potato Tortilla with a special touch of chorizo.

Our Mix for Tortilla with Chorizo brings only the best ingredients: tasty potatoes and traditional Spanish chorizo. The ingredients are already cooked and you only have to add the eggs to finish the tasty Tortilla with Chorizo. The mix is 100% natural,
without colourings or preservatives added.

Enjoy a real Spanish potato Tortilla with Chorizo made in a few minutes. The great taste, the special touch of the chorizo is going to convince you.

340 grs.
small to medium sized tortilla

1. Pour the content of the jar (preserve the oil, it is reusable)
2. scramble 3 to 4 eggs
3. mix the eggs with the poured content of the jar
4. put a frying pan on heat, add some oil and add the mix of eggs, potatoes and chorizo, let it set on low temperature
5. flip the tortilla and let it set on the other side on low temperature

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