Sarta Chorizo Sweet from León

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The Sarta Chorizo Sweet, whole piece, is a high quality charcuterie product. The characteristic taste of cayenne, the air drying and the high quality convert this sausage into a delicacy.

whole pice
aprox. 325 gr.
vacuum packed
The Sarta Chorizo Sweet, from the region of Castilla La Mancha, is presented in whole piece and it is an air dried charcuterie product of the best quality.

Our Sarta Chorizo Sweet is made with the best pork and with cayenne (pimenton). By cutting the air dried sausage you can appreciate the typical orange colour and the white veins. The knowhow and the high quality ingredients create a chorizo with a balanced, rich and characteristic taste.

Our Sarta Chorizo Sweet is perfect for frying and as ingredient for traditional Spanish dishes.

one piece
aprox. 325 gr.
vacuum packed
  • Ingredients: lean pork, bacon, cayenne (pimenton), salt, garlic, natural spices, milk protein, vegetable protein, sugar, dextrine, emulsifier (E-450, E-452i), antioxidant (E-301, E-331), preservative (E-252), colouring (E-120)
  • Allergens: Contains lactose

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