Potato Chorizo

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The so called 'Patatera', tasty and sumptuous.

The Potato Chorizo is a typical sausage from Extremadura and it is made with bacon and mashed potatoes. The soft and sumptuous taste converts the Potato Chorizo into a real delicacy.

whole piece
aprox. 350 gr.
vacuum packed

The Potato Chorizo, called Patatera, is a sausage typical in the region of Extremadura. This charcuterie product is very similar to a normal chorizo except that the potato adds creaminess and a soft and sumptuous taste.

Our Potato Chorizo, in whole piece, is made with bacon, potato and cayenne (pimenton) from la Vera. The mashed potatoes are mixed with the bacon and the spices and the result is a creamy, sumptuous sausage with a lot of taste.

Enjoy our Potato Chorizo in many ways: cut and eaten directly, as spread, fried or added to a stew with legumes.

whole piece
aprox. 350 gr.
vacuum packed

  • Ingredients: bacon, potato, salt, garlic, cayenne (pimenton) from la Vera, oregano, dextrin, sugar, antioxidant (E-301), preservatives (E-202, E-235, E-250)
  • Allergens: contains soy and/or derivates, lactose

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