Mini Chorizos with Cider

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The Asturian way, tasty and with sauce to dip.

The Mini Chorizos with Cider, a typical recipe from Asturias, are cooked in cider and preserved within their own sauce.

8 units
210 gr.

The tasty Mini Chorizos with Cider are very popular in the region of Asturias. This traditional recipe gets the best out of the mini chorizo and the cider underlines perfectly the great taste of the sausages.

Our Mini Chorizos with Cider are traditionally made. The smoked mini chorizo sausages are cooked in cider and preserved in their own sauce. The mini chorizos have a great taste that is underlined by the apple cider.

Our tasty Mini Chorizos with Cider should be eaten warm, served in their sauce. 

8 units
210 gr

  • Ingredients: chorizo (lean pork, bacon, salt, cayenne (pimenton), garlic, dextrine. lactose, vegetable protein (soy), sugar, stabilizer (E-451i), natural smoke), natural apple cider
  • Allergens: contains lactose, soy and/or derivates

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