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Don Cayo Old Manchego Cheese 1.6 kg.

1.6 kg.

Don Cayo Old Manchego Cheese 1.6 kg. : what it is and characteristics

Good times are enjoyed with friends and family, but also accompanied by a good wine and Manchego cheese. You can find an infinity of Spanish cheeses in our online store.

Our Don Cayo Old Manchego Cheese is top quality. It is a half piece of 1.6 kg. Approximate made from raw sheep's milk exclusively from La Mancha and has a curing period of between 18 and 24 months.

It should be noted that Don Cayo's old Manchego cheese is one of the best-selling and most awarded, with the silver medal in the 2016 World Cheese Awards. It is also part of the Protected Designation of Origin Manchegos Cheeses, complying with each of the characteristics that make this cheese excellent.

Outstanding characteristics of Don Cayo Old Manchego Cheese:

1. Sheep cheese of the La Mancha breed of 1.6 kg approx.

2. Protected Designation of Origin

3. Made with raw milk and aged for 18 and 24 months.

4. Yellowish-ivory color.

5. Slightly spicy odor with long overall persistence.

6. Tasty flavor characteristic of sheep's milk.

7. Buttery and floury texture.

Elaboration of Don Cayo Old Manchego Cheese

The production of Don Cayo old Manchego cheese follows strict steps so that it is considered a top quality cheese and with the Protected Designation of Origin distinction.

- The collection of La Mancha sheep's milk is carried out in isothermal tanks, a system that guarantees its quality without exceeding 10ºC.

- The coagulation of the milk is carried out in natural rennet. For her, the milk is heated in a water bath at a temperature of between 28º C to 32º C for 30 and 60 minutes. This curd obtained will be subjected to different cuts slowly, fine and sharp.

- Modeling is carried out in cylindrical containers of suitable dimensions. It is pressed for 1 and 6 hours and the casein plate with the identification number will be applied.

- After curdling in the molds, the cheese is extracted from the inside. It is salty wet, dry or a combination of both.

- Minimum conservation of 30 days and with systems that guarantee identification by the Protected Designation of Origin Manchego Cheese. Temperature between 3º C and 16º C.

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1.6 kg. net weight (approximate)

half piece

vacuum packed

Manchego cheese

Don Cayo


Data sheet

1.6 kg.
100% raw milk from La Mancha sheep, lactic ferments, rennet, lysozyme (derived from eggs), calcium chloride and salt.
Contains milk and its derivatives (including lactose), eggs and egg products.
taric code
vacuum packed
net weight
1.6 kg.

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