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Butter Cheese de la Huz

1 kg.

Butter Cheese de la Huz made of pasteurized sheep milk

The butter cheese is a unique de la Huz cheese, a company dedicated to the production of high-quality cheeses with a broad experience in the handmade developing, national and internationally recognized.

It is a small-sized cheese (1kg.), cured in Iberian lard for a 6 to 8 months period of time and made with pasteurized sheep milk. Certainly, a unique and different cheese with an amazing flavor and aroma.

Enjoy from this butter cheese de la Huz for a great price and ready to make you fall in love with it. Surprise your European friends with a good Spanish appetizer that is the butter cheese de la Huz.

Butter cheese: what it is and its characteristics

The butter cheese is one of the most singular cheeses available at Gastronomic Spain. This Spanish cheese is made of pasteurized sheep milk (100%), cured in Iberian lard for a time between 6 and 8 months, and wrapped in food use foil and mesh.

It is characterized for its buttery rind, as its name suggests, and for its strong smell and taste. It is also of an intense flavor with spicy shades. Compact to the cut and of a firm texture.

  • The Iberian lard is a very used pig part in the Spanish gastronomy, which is also beneficial for our health.
  • The sheep cheese is an essential protein source for our muscles’ development, as well as an important calcium origin.
  • It can strengthen our bones, be beneficial for our kidneys and become a great source of vitamins and minerals.

The butter cheese de la Huz is doubtlessly such a unique cheese as it is good for our health at the same time it has an amazing texture and flavor.

*It is recommended to keep it refrigerated at 8ºC or less.

An excellent butter cheese from la Huz

La Huz is the company in charge of making our butter cheeses.

The company is active since 1947 in the village of Villamayor de Santiago (Cuenca). Ever since, its objective has been the making of different kinds of sheep cheeses, such as the Manchegos Don Cayo cheeses among many others.

Since 1989, de la Huz is part of the Denomination of Origin of the Manchego cheese Governing Council, making high-quality cheeses to be praised and recognized by many national and international prizes. 

Butter cheese de la Huz ingredients

This cheese is elaborated with pasteurized sheep milk (100%) and cured in Iberian lard.

Allergens: contains milk and its derivates (lactose included), eggs and egg-based products.

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1 kg. net weight (approximate)

Wrapped in silver foil and mesh

Sent in isothermal box

De la Huz cheeses


Data sheet

1 kg.
Made with pasteurized Sheep's milk (100%), lactic ferments, calcium chloride, rennet, salt and lysozyme (derived from EGG).
Contains: milk and its derivatives (including lactose), eggs and egg-based products.
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vacuum packed
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La Huz

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Butter Cheese de la Huz