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Iberian Pork Loin 400 gr

400 gr
In Stock

The Iberian  Pork Loin is without doubt the most coveted part of charcuterie of the Iberian pork.

Our Iberian Pork Loin comes from the region of Salamanca, which has the perfect climate for air drying hams and charcuterie. The Iberian breed pigs are raised with feed based on natural fed and acorns. They spend between two to four months running free in the mountains. During the careful process of air drying the pork loin adopts the firm texture, the soft reddish colour, the characteristic aroma, the juiciness and the fine taste.

The Iberian Pork Loin comes as entire piece and we recommend to air it about 15 minutes before consuming it. You are going to enjoy this great Iberian product regardless the way you're going to have it. 

1/2 piece
aprox. 400 gr. 
vacuum packed

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Data sheet

400 gr
Iberian pork loin, salt, garlic, cayenne (pimenton), sugar, lactose, antioxidants (E-300, E-331iii), preservatives (E-252, E-250)
contains lactose
taric code
vacuum packed
net weight
400 gr

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Iberian Pork Loin 400 gr