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García Baquero Aged Cheese, Wedge

250 gr

Characteristics of García Baquero Aged Cheese

García Baquero Aged cheese is a balanced, aromatic cheese with a unique nature. It has been awarded with the gold medal for being “the best milk blend cheese” by the International Cheese Awards 2018. 

It is a Spanish type of cheese, García Baquero brand. Its 10 months of maduration makes this cheese unique. 

Sensorial qualities of García Baquero Aged Cheese


Inside we can see a straw yellow paste with some shades of honey and ivory colour.


Stands out because of its intense profile and its wide variety of roasted odour, as well as nuts mixed with dairy and caramelised feelings.  


On the palate, the sweet taste is enhanced with caramel and toasted nuances due to the 10 months of maturation and the rich milk mixture.


Unctuous in texture, but with slight hints of roughness. Still resistant to cutting. 

Recommended pairing 

- Crianza red wines.

- Cava (sparkling white wine)

- White wines fermented in Barrica.

- Lager German beers. 

Ingredients of García Baquero Aged cheese with 10 months of maduration

Pasteurised sheep's, goat's and cow's milk, lactic ferments (milk), rennet, salt and calcium chloride. Milk from Spanish origin.


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250 gr. net weight (approximate)

wedge format

Vacuum packed

García Baquero Viejo (Aged Cheese)


Data sheet

250 gr
Pasteurized sheep's milk (min 33%), cow (min 32%) and goat (min 20%), lactic ferments (milk), salt and rennet.
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García Baquero Aged Cheese,...