Fried Giant Corn

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The Fried Giant Corn is one of the most popular snacks in Spain. The Toasted Seeds are great in the morning, in the evening, together with a soda or beer, in the park, in front of the TV, in the pub or at home.

130 gr.
The Fried Giant Corn, called Kikos, is one of the most popular Spanish snacks. And it is because of their great taste and because they are perfect at any time of day.

Our Fried Giant Corn is made with corn seeds: they are fried and spiced to give them their great taste.

Enjoy the Fried Giant Corn in a thousand ways: at home, at the park, at the pub, with friends, with family, watching football, playing a board game... every moment is the right one.

130 gr.

  • Ingredients: corn, sunflower oil, salt, aromas, rice flour, wheat flour, flavour enhancer: monosodium glutamate, 5 disodium ribonucleotides, smoked aromas, inactive yeast
  • Allergens: contains gluten, can contain lactose, soy and peanuts

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