Arbequina Olive Spread

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An intense and nice taste.

The Arbequina Olive Spread comes from the region of the Bajo Aragon and it is a high quality and 100% natural product. The intense taste of green arbequina olives is very nice at the palate and it allows to be used in a great variety of dishes.

220 gr.

Our Arbequina Olive Spread is made with the best olives of the Bajo Aragon region, famous for its perfect soil and weather for the maturation of the olives. The spread has an intense aroma and taste but yet it is balanced and nice at the palate.

The Arbequina Olive Spread is traditionally manufactured with green olives of the arbequina variety. This 100% natural product, with no colouring or preservatives added, persuades with its great quality.

Try our Arbequina Olive Spread with a slice of toasted bread and accompanied with cheese or charcuterie. Besides that it is a good base for dressings or you can use it for more elaborated dishes. We also recommend trying it as pesto.

220 gr.

  • Ingredients: arbequina olives, extra virgin olive oil
  • Allergens: According to the EU regulation 1169/2011 no allergens are contained.

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